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About the service

Integration can be complicated and is often given lower priority. But that does not have to be the case. ConnXio is a result of our accumulated expertise, created to make integration easy for you.

In ConnXio, we have done much of the integration work in advance, so you can implement and realize digital initiatives in less time. ConnXio allows you to cut the time between idea and market, and provides a new advantage in the battle for customers: the ability to implement.



ConnXio is built to get your business up to speed. The service makes it easier to detach from heavy core systems, clean up complex IT architecture and increase the pace of change. The result is digitization that is accelerating, fewer human errors, and freed up resources to focus on the core business.

NoCode – LowCode

ConnXio is a SaaS service in Microsoft Azure, which covers most integration needs and is based on "NoCode - LowCode". The service tracks and archives integrations across platforms to quickly resolve bug situations.

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Predictable operating costs

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Clearly defined service levels and uptime

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Access to help desk / support


Reduced time and cost of onboarding

Challenges of integration

  • Unpredictable costs
  • Poor quality and stability
  • Steals resources from core area
  • Unclear responsibilities
  • Low reuse and lack of standardization
  • Long onboarding
  • Expensive to maintain

With ConnXio you get

  • Predictable costs
  • Development and management is our responsibility
  • Free up capacity and resources for the core business
  • We take full responsibility for integrations from A to Z
  • «Integration by configuration»​
  • Clearly defined routines for onboarding
  • Fixed prices for support, maintenance and operation

Focus on core business

Good use of resources is important for any company, and can have a major impact on the bottom line. Nevertheless, many companies spend enormous resources on activities that do not include their core business. This was something the pharmaceutical company Curida wanted to change.

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Curious about becoming a partner of Norway's largest integration house?

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Thor-Erik Skrøder, Business Developer

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